The Replanted Man
Branding Strategy & Logo Design
Client: Orlando Boyd
Timeline: 4 Weeks
Location: Cleveland
In early march, I was asked to animate a short music video to promote Orlando’s new self-help/rehabilitation service. After some talks, I noticed at that moment he didn’t have an outline of his brand’s values, ideal user base, identity design or even a name.

I suggested that it would be best for us to work on his brand strategy, and use the results to help make informed decisions about how to best present himself to the world. Specifically to this project, I would be using these results to help me develop a logo design. 

The following is a recap of our creative journey that led to The Replanted Man.
Brand Strategy

The following week, I facilitated brand strategy meetings in-person to help both myself and Orlando discover the most impactful qualities of his new self-help service. Together, we collaborated on a worksheet, where we would record our findings as we traversed through 5 different strategy exercises. The following are our results:

Goal Alignment
We briefly started the first meeting by declaring our goals for the rest of the strategy process.
Brand Attribute Exercise
After we defined our goals, we moved on to the brand attribute exercise. I asked Orlando to take some time to think about colorful adjectives that would best describe his business in various contexts. As a warmup round, I gave him 5-10 minutes to list words with no general focus. We continued this method but focused each round to describe  his company culture, audience, voice, impact and x-factor. Afterwards, we went through the lists again and chose 3 of the most potent words from each category. When that was done, we scrubbed through it again and chose a winner from each list.

After this process, we were able to use the words we selected to naturally form a name and it's positioning statement. This is a test to see if we’re on the right path based on how the statement feels to read:
Love/Hate Exercise
The purpose of this exercise is to further affirm the values of the brand by listing influential people/businesses, as well as declaring a rejection of things that contradict the ethics of the brand. 
User Profiles
The purpose of this exercise is to have orlando think about types of people that might benefit the most from his self-help service. Orlando created the backbone of each persona from his personal experiences and relationships with others, as I contributed bits and pieces to each narrative.
Persona 1: The Golden Child
Persona 1: The Golden Child
Persona 2: The Wanting Giver
Persona 2: The Wanting Giver
Persona 3: The Suppressed Achiever
Persona 3: The Suppressed Achiever
Logo Design
I started working on the logo design after Orlando and I completed the brand attribute exercise. I selected the top 18 adjectives from each category and created 3 unique art directions using 3 words each. I then took to pinterest to find images that I felt related to each direction.
The Light, Jovial Guide
The Light, Jovial Guide
The Replanted, Enlightening Observer
The Replanted, Enlightening Observer
The Resilient, Noble Pathfinder
The Resilient, Noble Pathfinder
Moodboard Critique Takeaways:
- Focus on typography; hand rendered scripts, and serifs.
- Aesthetic must be natured inspired while still having masculine qualities.
- Use visual grit/texture. 
- Morphing/Double Imagery is a plus!
Final Logo Design
Color Palette
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